We provide Comprehensive Consultancy service for your problems with tailor made approach.


Our U2K Team provides Training programs for your organisation needs with extravaganza approach.

Public Program

We conduct Soft Skill, HR Training, Decision Making, Effective Communication and other Corporate Trainings.

Welcome to U2K Team

"Solution Driven Approach"

U2K is a HR & Training Partner that focuses in providing customized solutions to create a High Performance Team Culture using an approach that channel the attention on the root cause of a situation which ultimately produces a better result.

Practical Solution

Conventional Method


Why U2K Team?

1. We have more than 30 years of experience in corporate training & consulting

2. We helped more than 1, 000 organisations & hundred thousands of participants to improve their business ROI & work performance in the past 30 years

3. We actively conduct training & consulting work in Asia Pacific covering Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, China, India, Thailand, Vietnam & etc

4. We continuously invest in learning & development to keep updating ourselves with latest skills & knowledge from overseas experts of UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, India & etc in order to offer you the best organizational development solution

5. We have subject matter experts focusing on each aspect of organizational development including training, assessment, performance management, HR consulting & etc

6. All our core team members acquired recognizable academic qualification from institute of higher learning including University of Malaya, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia , University Putra Malaysia, University Tunku Abdul Rahman, West Kentucky University, University of Liverpool, Monash University & etc with minimum 10 years of working experience in corporate /business world

7. We respond fast to every request within 24 hours by fully focusing on contribution to the growth of our corporate clients as the mission of our life

Our Trainings



Team Building

Root Cause Analysis

Maximize Open Space Technology

Happiness as New Productivity

Stress Management

Time Management

Powerful Presentation & Public Speaking

Effective English Commnunication

Managing Discipline & Handling Misconduct (IR)

Lean Management

Talent Assessment & Evaluation models

Internal Coaches development

Train the Trainer

Customer C.A.R.E 1509001/2008 IS09001/201S


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