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"Culture Transformation Expert Human Capital Analytics Consultant"

E.T. is a Certified Professional Trainer, a Human Capital Analytics Consultant and speaker who has worked and trained in UK, South Korea, China, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines & Malaysia.

ET has written for HR Magazines on “Right Culture VS Wrong Culture” and “Managing People ≠ Managing Computers”.

ET started his career in IT for Seagate in Portsmouth, UK for 2 years. HHe then returned to Malaysia to pioneer and lead the R&D Team for over 4 years. In 2006, ET decided to switch from working with computers, to working with people, transitioning into his new career as an HR Consultant & Speaker.

Today, ET is recognized as a “Culture Transformation Expert” and is known for his passionate, engaging & personable style. With a unique combination of IT-skills and People-skills, he is able to relate and connect with both technical and non-technical people


  • Certified PEAKS Psychometric Consultant & Trainer
  • Certified HRDF Trainer (PSMB)
  • Certified Professional Trainer (Western Kentucky Univ.)

Areas of Expertise:

  • Written articles on “Culture”
  • “Managing People ≠ Managing Computers”.
  • unique combination of IT-skills and People-skills

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