Objection Handling & Mastering Training

Objection Handling & Mastering

Nothing defeats an inexperienced salesperson faster than an unexpected objection. Most salespeople invest hours perfecting their pitch without a second though to what comes afterwards. But even a perfect pitch can be ruined by poor objection handling.

If you’re tired of losing deals to responses like, "Your price is too high," "Now isn't a good time," or, "We'll buy if you add these features," it's time to get serious about overcoming objections.

How to prepare?

Consider your Audience
Consider What Might Get Asked
Asking Colleagues
Dealing with a "Hard No"
Most common sales objections

How to handle sales objections:

To handle sales objections, you must be prepared for what is coming at you, listen attentively to your potential buyer, and demonstrate that you truly understand their concerns. To master handling objections, you need to prepare responses to common rebuttals from your leads to regain the upper-hand.

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